New Writing:

You are someone

You are someone.
Only wounded, yet you are guided.
Vulnerable to the hands you love.
To hands that love you.
Touch, it bleeds.
To the spirit that speaks close in you
Protected – in whole
You are someone
Curious before you born courageous
Sense your space, you wonder
You are someone
One that lurks in madness above thy hills
Looking for endless love
The wind blows tender, each time
You are driven
Driven to find someone
For gold you bleed, tremendously
Just to find someone
Someone in peace
Someone in me

-Ahmed Magare

©Copyright 2015





I wake up human
Meditating in the wind
Thunder glazed thoughts
Sunday son’s
My nights speak tongues
Cold fever, the strength is within me, me?
Time is just time
Don’t limit my patience
Please don’t limit my patience

Lend me an ear, a song, a drum
Some sort of conviction
Tender longs
The sweet scent of autumn leaves
Please don’t leave me in the winter
Cold, my summer waits for sincere wishes
Kisses for the worldly kind
Some say
Some hate
Some seek to wait
My silence, breathes the brotherly one
Shadow shaking
Elevating the unfortunate to higher placements
Within the body
The ribs speak honesty
My mother
My mother
Innocence is human

She walks not yet another one
Miraculous patience
Set my mind for seconds to believe
Can you take this pain away?
It is life for me
For you it is unknown
Words that carry meaning
Can you carry her to sleep?
Courageous hugs and scruffy beards
The sun is smiling
Shining on Somalia
She makes me smile, smile, smile
I cry after
With laughter
More happiness beyond my earlobes
Suspend to limit
Sensitive soldiers rolling out to never-land
No boarders, no more, to welcome
To limit
To break
To take
To give and to honour
Severe balance
Invisible time
Practise you
You are practised by nay-sayers
Can you be you?
Can you be you?
In time
Precious, precious
Pressure, pressure

The brightest colours are wide awake

Where did you go?
When the night needed your hug
And I said, breathe my child
There’s some gold over for you to forgive
But yet you do not want to forgive
Where do we live?
Laugh and hate
We are just human
Just mud
Sounds of time
Limit time
Why oh why


-Ahmed Magare

©Copyright 2015







My words are born
Born in a chaotic brain
Explosive thoughts, written on a silent night
Calm my mind, catch every second, express every emotion through words that scratch more than just the surface
Still dreaming of what the earth will bring forth
In tsunami storms we swim

My words will need some oxygen, to survive because every form of hate we consume is poison!
So let the heart bleed seven wishes
Roll your boat, roll your boat
For more hope will bring you gently down the street
Life is just a dream, a test to be
So treasure the beauty of simplicity!
And let your mind rest in this comfortable oasis, private -spacious, abundantly amazing terrarium
You call “home”
My words are born..

Born far away from home

But as soon we put the first leg out in reality, we are prepared to be consumed by the flames of the universe
The songs of welcoming birds, parading school kids and cries of sleepless drunks meditating in the morning day light
Every word has a story
Every story has a word
The earth becomes an open platform of expression, you can’t hide!
Every blind word will expose your deepest thoughts
So smell the vibrating air!
You are soon to be followed by our words
Because words are not just words
Words are like shadows
A character of home

-Ahmed Magare

©Copyright 2014













































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