Nomadic Pop Series (test video project)

Nomadic Pop is the foundation and source influence of Digital fusion but both compared are different because this particular project allows me not to use any digital tools to develop my work however both projects are still the same but have different outcomes (in medium) visually.

Nomadic Pop begins to look at renowned Somali models, images of traditional and modern day Somalis in social status and cultural change both combine major aspects of the exploration of my work.

“Hidiyo Dhagan” > the heritage and culture within Somali art, plays a fundamental part in identifying connection points, these are; folklore, traditional music and personal stories of Somalis.
With this foundation in hand I start to understand my identity from both sides of the plate.

The test video project is based on formulating ingredients of  the Nomadic Pop project. Creating ideas  based on experimentation and development of the work, the process of each piece becomes like an ”personal attachment.” each piece of work has a characterised look, illustrative personality and its own unique story to tell.

Each piece consists of the following:

  • Watercolour drawing of figure/portrait                                                                                (identity/gender)
  • Kind of music                                                                                                                                    (natural background, surrounding space & unique story)
  • fabric collage                                                                                                                                    (cultural touch)
  • title                                                                                                                                                     (unique mark, untitled piece is paused to think)


I produced each video with the help of my IPhone 5, I think that I was not focused on  how I recorded each piece, but mainly focused on covering 2D and 3D elements of the work. I do find that the videos have performative and playful qualities to them. In general, I was more aimed at setting up each piece of the work, looking for suitable background music and finally commenting back on the work on what I could change.

I think this project not only gave me great ideas on what to next but also allowed me to deeper myself into each piece of work.

Developmental ideas to consider next:

  • photography installation
  • video installation (picture slides or shooting it more clearer with a professional camera)
  • editing all videos together to combine one video
  • adding my spoken word within the videos
  • performing live next to the work



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